David and Linda  – St Louis, MO
Navigating the process of finding and purchasing a home in Florida can be daunting, even for a former real estate salesperson. Having a dedicated agent to serve you exclusively is a wonderful advantage, and when that person is Tom Bruno, the advantage is greatly enhanced. Tom worked tirelessly to help us find a home, and his tips and resources were invaluable. He told us he really enjoyed problem solving, a trait not common among agents, and he proactively sought answers to several issues that arose. Working with Tom made the buying process, if not painless, at least much less a chore. His endless enthusiasm and contagious sense of humor made visiting homes an adventure rather than a tedious task. We cannot overstate the value of his experience and background knowledge to our home search. His familiarity with the area, geography, population, and nearby facilities and amenities helped us find a home we love after just two weeks of looking. We happily give Tom Bruno our highest recommendation, and we urge you to use his services

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Thomas Bruno, REALTOR 
Gulf Shores Realty, Venice Florida

Mary  and  Josh   -  Denver, CO

Tom’s performance in every aspect of our home buying process was simply outstanding. We recommend Tom, without any reservation whatsoever, to anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth and satisfying home-buying experience. We’ve bought and sold a lot of real estate over the decades, and Tom is, without question, the most capable, personable, and trustworthy Realtor we've ever met. Rarely does someone make an impression to motivate me to actually sit down a write a letter about it. Well Tom Bruno has made such an impression. Tom is remarkable in that he is able to cover all the bases, all the time and make it look easy. His professionalism, efficiency and natural graceful interactions are purely amazing! I’ve never seen anyone so motivated, energetic, willing and able to pull magic out of a hat as Tom has done. What he does, the way he does it you can’t learn, it comes naturally. He has a gift. He is a wonderful person and now a friend.

Paul & Wendy Wyles- Brisbane Australia

Tom made our home hunting easy, he was with us every step of the way and through our extensive search kept sight of our goals even when, on occasions, we waivered from them. He was thorough, professional and considerate throughout and helped us find a home suited to our needs. Thank you Tom

David and Sherry  -  Bloomfield, IN

Tom stepped into a hand over lead from another agency and took us on from a "potential" relocate to Florida to writing a deal in 5 short days! Tom made himself wide open to long days to look at it all! He is very professional and kept us in mind on every showing/potential home! Part of the journey is to look at all homes in your budget to qualify or disqualify potentials and Tom was good with seeing what avenue we were headed in! He was quick to learn and listen to our needs and when we were veering a little off path he put us back on track! Great guy and would recommend Tom to anyone!!! Thanks Tom , my wife and I look forward to being friends and fellow Floridians!

Mary Hall -  Nashville, TN

I just want everyone to know that my husband & I found Tom Bruno on line through Zillow back in April 2017 when we were looking to move from Nashville, TN to the Venice Florida area. Although Tom had not met us personally he was very pro active in sending us multiple homes for sale in the Venice area where we were looking to move. We finally sold our home in TN & moved down to Venice Florida in November 2017 where we finally got to meet Tom Bruno face to face. I have to say that our experience with Tom has been awesome! I highly recommend using Tom Bruno for your Florida real estate needs.

Marjorie and Michael  - Loudon, New Hampshire

We were most fortunate to be connected to Tom through Zillow.  His dedication to our search for a condo in the Venice started prior to our arrival.  While in FL he devoted his entire time until we found a property right for us.  His knowledge of real estate and attention to detail, as well as the follow up with regard to our questions and concerns provided us with a very rewarding experience.  We would definitely recommend Tom to others looking for real estate in the Venice area.

Jennifer and Rafael - West New York, New Jersey

Tom was wonderful! He went above and beyond to help us our find our first home. We gave him the details of what we were searching for and he was always diligent in setting us up with everything that fit what we wanted once it came up for sale.  The house we ended up just purchasing had been on the market not even a few hours when he said "This is the one. Meet me over there" and it was. He was so helpful throughout the entire process from the first house we went to see all the way up through closing.